The Texas Guardianship Association

The TGA is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating professional, family, and volunteer guardians as well as legislators and the general public on ethics, standards and best practices related to court-appointed guardianships in Texas. TGA is also committed to identifying and implementing less restrictive alternatives to guardianship and reliance on community supports and services whenever feasible. TGA strives to enrich the lives of those protected by guardianship as well as those who are responsible for the protection of others.

Our Mission

Educating involved professionals, consumers and the general public regarding guardianship and its alternatives.

Promoting the development of guardianship and alternative programs to serve and protect vulnerable individuals.

 Advocating for development and implementation of effective public policy regarding guardianship and related issues that are consumer sensitive.


Meghan Hutchinson MSW, TxCG


Catherine Vergara, RN


Marie Portales Rodriguez, JD



Steven D. Fields, JD


Texas Guardianship Association

TGA is governed by nine volunteer members who are elected by the membership to the Board of Directors.  The Directors may serve for two consecutive three-year terms. Elections are held in the Fall for terms beginning in January of each year.  The TGA Board elects officers annually, and encourages members to become organizational leaders by running for election to the Board of Directors. 


Bruce Bower, JD,
Texas Legal Services Center,
Austin, Texas


Lydia Escobar,TxCG,


Steve Fields, JD,
Tarrant County Probate Court 2,
Fort Worth, Texas

Claudia Gonzalez  MSW,TxCG,

Harris County Guardianship Program,
Houston, Texas


Meghan Hutchinson MSW, TxCG,
Senior Source,
Dallas, Texas


Angela Harvey, JD, TxCG
Law Office of Angela Harvey

Benbrook, Texas

Carol J. Renner, JD, TxCG,
Texas Guardian Services, Inc.,
Halletsville, Texas


Marie Portales Rodriguez, JD
Roger, Miller & Rodriguez

Bryan, Texas


Catherine Vergara, RN, TxCG
Austin, Texas  


Executive Director

Terry W. Hammond, JD


Member Services Coordinator

Barbara Lopez