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It has come to the attention of the JBCC that nursing homes and assisted living facilities are not allowing any visits of residents – including guardians’ visits - to safeguard residents from the COVID-19 virus.  This can obviously interfere with a guardian’s duty to make regular visits to persons under their guardianship.  If you are unable to visit with a  person under your guardianship, you should attempt to conduct a visit with them through Skype or Zoom or another app that allows visual face-time communication or over the phone.  If they are not able to communicate, you should obtain a status report from someone on the staff at the facility who has contact with the person under your care.


Document your visits – or attempted visits – and file reports with the court regarding no-visitation measures taken at facilities where persons under your care reside. If you receive written communication from the facility, you should file a copy with your report to the court and maintain a copy for your records. 

JBCC will not take disciplinary action if you are unable to make visits in person due to the virus but you should still make reasonable, good-faith efforts to stay informed about the health and well-being of persons under your guardianship.  And you should continue to keep the court informed about the condition of persons for whom the court is responsible.

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