Aging Process and Disabilities
Aging Process and Disabilities

Dr. Julia Hiner analyzes how normal aging involves complex physiologic and psychologic changes throughout the body, which although predictable across populations, are experienced in less homogeneous ways by individuals. Unlike cognitive disability, normal aging allows preservation of cognitive function and independence, without eventual incapacity. However, in cognitive disability of neurologic, cognitive, and psychiatric causes, there is a high degree of variability in long-term outcomes. Dr. Hiner explores normal aging versus cognitive disability, the prognosis of common cognitive disabilities, the treatments and supports needed to achieve optimal outcomes, and the likelihood of capacity restoration with guardianship reversal. 

After completing this session, attendees will be better able to recognize normal and abnormal aging, anticipate long-term courses of common causes of incapacity and guardianship, and maximize a person’s opportunities for independent function and capacity restoration.

Speaker: Dr. Julia Hiner, M.D., Program Director, Geriatric Medicine Fellowship; UTHealth Houston, McGovern Medical School